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My Quilt Collection

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1. Carnival
2. Autumn Stripes
3. Forest Animals
4. A New Hexagon
5. Nana’s Garden
6. Purple Snowballs
7. Ice Cream
8. Butterflies
9. Sea Critters
10. Summer Challenge
11. Antique Hexagon
12. Red White and Black
13. Asian Kaleidoscope
14. Elaine's Flowers
15. Flower Basket
16. Jinny's Diamond
17. Arenal Volcano
18. Skyscrapers
19. Autumn Rectangles
20. Pure Color
21. Little Boxes Green
22. Mauve Garden
23. Blue Floral Stars
24. Garden Walk
25. Flower Gardens
26. Kaffee's Spots
27. Happy Scrappy Diamonds
28. Checkerboard Megallion
29. Glow
30. Sunset Stripes
31. Sunny Stars
32. Full Spectrum Star
33. Mayana
34. Color Wheel Bargello
35. Red and Black Kaleidoscope
36. Counterpoint Bargello
37. Red and Blue Bargello
38. Red Fruit Basket
39. Red Zig Zag
40. Butterfly
41. Blue and Yellow Bargello
42. Strawberries
43. Nana's Summer Flowers
44. Color Block
45. Galaxies Far Away
46. Night Meadow
47. Baby Triangles
48. Amish Modern
49. Nana’s Summer Flowers, #2
50. Beautiful Knots
51.Large Medallion (Coming Soon)
52. Many Bright Starr
53. Butterfly Star
54. Triangle Play


  • Judy

    Judy's Creations Boston opened in 2013. Taught to sew as a child by my mother, and trained professionally as an artist and art teacher, I started to apply my skills to quilting one summer when my garden was at it's height. I sketched the flowers I had planted and nurtured, then turned those sketches into my first quilt. Nature has always been the first source of inspiration for my art. As I moved into jewelry design and creation, natural color schemes and forms became the basis for much of my work.

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    Everything we do is about quality

    I take a lot of pride in creating quilts. I created this site so people could see the body of work I have done. If you are interested in a quilt send me a message using the form below.

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